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Species of Palaeoneilo present in the Pennsylvanian of the American Midcontinent

Geological Range

Atokan to Virgilian; Extinct.

Paleogeographic Distribution

Texas to Missouri.

Stratigraphic Occurrences

Calhoun Shale (OK)
Emporia Limestone (OK)
Graham Formation (Wayland Shale Member) (TX)
Graham Formation (Jacksboro Limestone Member) (TX)
Graham Formation (Finis Shale Member) (TX)
Kanwaka Shale (Stull Shale Member) (KS)
Lawrence Formation (Robbins Shale Member) (KS)
Lawrence Formation (Haskell Limestone Member) (KS)
Oread Limestone (Snyderville Shale Member) (KS)
Stranger Formation (KS)
Stranger Formation (OK)
Stranger Formation (Iatan Limestone Member) (KS)
Wood Siding Formation (Brownville Limestone Member) (KS)
Bonner Springs Shale (KS)
Brad Formation (TX)
Coffeyville Formation (OK)
Drum Limestone (MO)
Graford Formation (Brownwood Shale Member) (TX)
Hogshooter Formation (OK)
Iola Limestone (Muncie Creek Shale Member) (OK)
Plattsburg Limestone (Hickory Creek Shale Member) (KS)
Stanton Limestone (KS)
Stanton Limestone (Captain Creek Limestone Member) (KS)
Stanton Limestone (Eudora Shale Member) (OK)
Stanton Limestone (Rock Lake Shale Member) (KS)
Stranger Formation (MO)
Vilas Shale (OK, KS)
Boggy Formation (OK)
Croweburg Formation (KS)
Mingus Shale (TX)
Oologah Limestone (OK)
Salesville Shale (TX)
Senora Formation (OK)
Wewoka Formation (OK)
Wetumka Formation (OK)
Smithwick Shale (TX)
Unknown Stage
Cherokee Shale (MO)
<i>Palaeoneilo sp.</i> from an unrecorded formation in Leavenworth County, Kansas (KUMIP 213500).
Palaeoneilo sp. from an unrecorded formation in Leavenworth County, Kansas (KUMIP 213500).