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Species of Nudirostra present in the Pennsylvanian of the American Midcontinent

There are currently no identified species for this genus in the database.

Geological Range

Desmoinesian to Virgilian (also Mississippian and Permian); Extinct.

Paleogeographic Distribution

Texas to Kansas.

Stratigraphic Occurrences

Emporia Limestone (OK)
Graham Formation (Jacksboro Limestone Member) (TX)
Lawrence Formation (OK)
Stranger Formation (OK)
Stranger Formation (Weston Shale Member) (OK)
Barnsdall Formation (OK)
Brad Formation (TX)
Checkerboard Formation (KS)
Coffeyville Formation (OK)
Dennis Limestone (Winterset Limestone Member) (KS)
Francis Formation (OK)
Graford Formation (Wolf Mountain Shale Member) (TX)
Ladore Shale (KS)
Plattsburg Limestone (KS)
Plattsburg Limestone (OK)
Plattsburg Limestone (Hickory Creek Shale Member) (KS)
Stanton Limestone (OK, KS)
Stanton Limestone (Eudora Shale Member) (OK, KS)
Stranger Formation (Weston Shale Member) (OK)
Vilas Shale (OK)
Altamont Limestone (KS)
Boggy Formation (OK)
Cabaniss Formation (KS)
Fort Scott Limestone (OK)
Holdenville Shale (OK)
Lenapah Limestone (OK, KS)
Wewoka Formation (OK)
Wetumka Formation (OK)
<i>Nudirostra sp.</i> from the Stanton Limestone of Washington County, Oklahoma (KUMIP 18347).
Nudirostra sp. from the Stanton Limestone of Washington County, Oklahoma (KUMIP 18347).